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7 Jul 2014

Provide wi-fi safely to your customers with TrojanIT & GuestGate

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Provide guests with Internet access while keeping your network secure.

Now you can easily accommodate guests in your offices, such as consultants, auditors, professional service providers, manufacturing representatives and clients, without burdening your IT administrator with last-minute LAN configuration requests. Simply install the Intellinet GuestGate MarK II Wireless 300N HotSpot Gateway, and your visitors will be able to access the Internet from your conference room, office, Internet café, hotel or other accommodations in your facility without compromising the security of your network.

Captive Portal

GuestGate MK II offers must-have functions that define a captive portal. You can customize the welcome page by changing the text or uploading a new banner image, or you can change the welcome page completely because we give you full access to the HTML code.
The Walled-Garden functionality allows you to present Internet service to your guests, even if they have not authenticated themselves. Do you want to show the hotel services pages, company directory or special offers to all guests? Walled-Garden is the answer. Thanks to the “redirect after login” function you can forward your guests to a Web page of your choosing; e.g., special offers or your company’s Web site. If you’re worried about the amount of bandwidth the guest users are consuming, you can set a global bandwidth cap for both upload and download speed, thus guaranteeing that the guest network will always leave enough bandwidth for your crucial business applications.

Protect Your Private Network

Using the Intellinet HNP Technology, GuestGate MK II prevents clients from seeing the host network, while at the same time allowing them access to the public Internet. Special privileges, such as access to specific servers and printers, can easily be configured as needed while still providing host network protection. For added protection, you can choose to assign your visitor a password for Internet access. You can even limit the amount of bandwidth allowed for the guests, further ensuring that your network is not impacted by the additional users.

Client Isolation: Protect Your Guests’ Computers

Your visitors can rest assured that the security of their notebook computers will not be compromised by strangers; e.g., other guests you may have visiting and accessing your network at the same time. This innovative device protects your GuestGate users by assigning different random networks to each client. This unique client isolation capability is provided through Layer 3 LAN technology, and ensures that no connection between guest computers can be established (even if they are connected via a wireless access point). As if that were not enough, GuestGate also protects the guest computers from unauthorized access from the Internet, helping to prevent their computer from being attacked while connected to the Internet through your LAN.


Wireless Coverage and Speed with Wireless 300N!

The new Wireless-N standard has dramatically increased the overall performance of a wireless network. With speeds up to 300 Mbps and dramatically improved coverage distances, the new Wireless-N technology greatly surpasses that of 802.11g. Should this increased performance still not be sufficient for your environment, you can quickly attach additional access points to GuestGate MK II and increase your wireless coverage without the need for complex configurations.

Scalability and Flexibility

GuestGate MK II can be easily integrated into larger networks. It can be connected to virtually any network port that offers Internet access without interfering with the existing network. If you don’t wish to provide wireless access, or if you wish to continue to use your favorite brand of WiFi gear, you can simply deactivate GuestGate’s wireless function.

Thanks to the integrated 10/100 Mbps LAN switch, you can connect additional switches to GuestGate MK II; e.g., guests can connect to it through Ethernet ports in hotel rooms. And since GuestGate already provides the security mechanisms you need to protect both your own network and your guests, there is no longer a need for VLAN Ethernet switches that are expensive and complicated to set up. Keep it simple and save money with GuestGate MK II.

Simple and Affordable Is Better

The award-winning first-generation GuestGate followed a very straightforward design principle: Keep it simple.
Security devices often overburden the user with complex configuration screens and require solid know-how of networking setups. As a result, more often than not, the setup of proper security either is abandoned at the halfway point or comes with a hefty price tag. In GuestGate and GuestGate MK II, all security settings are preconfigured and activated by default. That means security out of the box at a price you can afford.



19 Jun 2014

AB Tutor now available on iPads

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The iPad client is now available allowing you to manage iPads in the classroom together with your PCs and MACs – all from one console.

AB Tutor is the perfect teaching tool for networked classrooms and labs, allowing you to simply and effectively control, manage, monitor, demonstrate, support and collaborate with your students.

Computers in the classroom have created amazing opportunities for learning, but they can also create distractions as well. The Web, Facebook, email and games just to name a few are a constant temptation for even the most focused students.

With AB Tutor, you can remove these distractions while still giving teachers full access and benefit that the power of technology brings to educating today’s students.

Get started today!

Not sure if AB Tutor is right for you? No problem. Just give us a call and we will discuss your options 

10 Jun 2014

Urgent Security Alert: Virus Risk Escalated

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Up to a million computers have already been infected by software that steals bank details and demands a ransom.

We want to make you aware of two malicious threats known as Cryptolocker and GameOver Zeus, which the international media are reporting “To Hit In The Next Two Weeks’.

CryptoLocker encrypts all files on a target’s computer, including personal photographs, and then demands a “ransom” of about £300 within a specified time limit to unlock the file.

GameOver Zeus has been tailored by a criminal gang based in Russia and the Ukraine to search for files that will allow access to banking or financial information.

Be vigilant

  1. Do Not open suspicious / unexpected email attachments including office files.
  2. Do Not click on links to websites from unknown email senders. (eg Banks do not email clients)
  3. Do Not download suspicious files from websites etc.
  4. Delete these files or emails immediately.

What to do next:

  1. Inform all your employees.
  2. Check you have a back up solution and it is working. We recommend off-site storage and / or cloud backup of both personal and business files with retention of at least 30 days.
  3. Ensure your Antivirus and Antispam solutions are up to date.

We are here to Help

Please do not hesitate to contact the Trojan help-desk on 071 96 62552 if you wish to discuss Cryptolocker, GameOver Zeus or indeed any other malware, in more detail.

Please pass this email to your work colleagues, family and friends to inform them of this very real and nasty threat and to help prevent them from becoming infected.

31 Jan 2011

Introducing ePrint

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What is ePrint

ePrint is a service from HP that allows you to print direct to select HP printers by sending an email to your printer’s email address.

ePrint is easy to use.

If you can use email, you can use ePrint.

ePrint lets you print from any smart phone or computer without installing any special drivers or software. You can use ePrint sitting on the couch in front of your printer or from a coffee shop on the other side of the country. As long as you can send an email to your ePrint-enabled printer, you can print.

For example, if you have a customer in your building who needs to print something during a meeting from his own laptop there is no need to transfer files or install drivers, just give him the email address for your printer and he can print.


For more information eMail Enda

3 Nov 2010

Trojan Receive Glowing Reports For Their A+ Work

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A+ work all-round

6 Oct 2010

Epson EB-450Wi

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Interactive in the classroom

Learning gets more interesting and interactive with the ultra-short-throw projector that includes an interactive pen and built-in sensor to give any teacher total control of their presentation.

Epson EB-450WI

Teaching methods enter a new era with the short-throw projector designed to engage and inspire students of all ages. The interactive pen replaces the traditional mouse, and as notes and additions can be saved, it allows both teachers and pupils the opportunity to take control of lesson content.

No glare, no shadows

The ultra-short-throw projector can project a bright wide image of 70″ on a 16/10 format screen from only 16cm distance, making it ideal for the classroom environment and foreliminating shadows caused by people and objects in front of the screen.

First-class presentations

A combination of wide resolution, 2500 lumens colour light output and fully interactive features such as the interactive pen will enhance any learning experience.

Built-in speaker

Sound also has more clarity thanks to the inbuilt 10W microphone, so teacher will always ensure that they are heard.

We at Trojan have hear this speaker in action in quite a few Classrooms and it has been more adequate for the average sized class.

3LCD technology

Presentations and lessons come to life thanks to the latest 3LCD technology, delivering incredible colour and detail.

In out experience even on some of the brightest days the Epson has out shone its competition.

For more information please contact us at enda@trojan.ie

13 Sep 2010

Portable Interactive Classroom

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Mobi Teacher Unit

Teacher Unit

The Interwritemobi is the industry’s first multi-user interface designed specifically to support student-centered, collaborative learning. The teacher and student can concurrently interact with and contribute to the same digital content – ideal for team activities, learning simulations, student exploration, and more!

Another revolutionary feature is the INTERWRITEMOBI® tablet’s KWIK Screen, a built-in 2.4″ color LCD display, which instantly reports student responses when used in conjunction with the Classroom Performance System™ from eInstruction®.


Learn Together - The INTERWRITEMOBI® System includes theINTERWRITEMOBI®tablet (for teachers) two INTERWRITEMOBI® Learner tablets (for students), INTERWRITEMOBI® Dock (charging and security station) andINTERWRITEWORKSPACE® software. Up to nine INTERWRITEMOBI®’s can work together simultaneously.

Assess Instantly - INTERWRITEMOBI®’s integrated color display shows student clicker answers in real time, making it easy for teachers to identify students who need special attention or topics that require re-teaching.

Be Mobile - Featuring an ergonomic, ultra-lightweight design, INTERWRITEMOBI®lets teachers teach and students contribute from anywhere in the classroom or lecture hall. It’s the perfect classroom management tool for today’s computerized classroom.

Teacher writing on Board

No longer anchored to the board

Instructional Content - Use INTERWRITEMOBI® with EXAMVIEW® andINTERWRITEWORKSPACE® to access and interact with lesson materials from virtually any source and publishers’ content from more than 6,000 textbooks.

Charge Up and Go - INTERWRITEMOBI® instant wireless connectivity takes just minutes to get started and will work with your existing computer and projector, so no additional equipment or costly installation wiring or pedestal is required.

Charge up and go

Charge up and go

For more information drop us a line…

We also provide full demos of the equipment to any school that is interested, just contact us at “info@trojan.ie” or phone “0719662552″

2 Sep 2010

Half your educational IT equipment cost…

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HP MultiSeat Computing Solution

This innovative multi-seat computing solution from trusted industry leaders HP and Microsoft® lets you double your computing seats without increasing your IT budget — while delivering a familiar Windows® operating system experience to multiple users from a single, dedicated PC for maximum cost savings, management and power efficiency.

Maximize your cost savings

Extend your budget with multi-seat computing by leveraging the excess capacity of one PC to deliver a dependable PC experience to up to 10 users. This reduces the total number of physical PCs in your environment, which also reduces the time and complexity of PC deployment, management, maintenance and upgrades.

Simplified personal PC experiences

Users will get a familiar Windows operating system experience with simple collaboration, including individual, customizable desktops. Users alike will enjoy the higher uptime and greater productivity of this cutting-edge PC sharing solution.

Microsoft® licensed and supported

Powered by a single, reliable HP Compaq MultiSeat ms6000 Desktop with new Microsoft Windows® MultiPoint™ Server 2010, HP MultiSeat Solution provides a fully licensed and supported Windows 7 experience for up to 10 users, with complete compatibility with the latest OS, security patches and updates. Trojan provides end-to-end solution support, from warranty to tech support on the complete offering.

Reduce your impact on the environment

Multi-seat computing can also help your organization meet its environmental goals. Reduce energy consumption by up to 80% over individual desktops with power consumption of 2.5 watts per user. The solid-state HP t100 Thin Client also reduces environmental heat and noise by up to 90% over traditional PC environments.

With the HP MultiSeat Computing Solution, feel great about your investment in IT, the environment, and your budget…

17 Aug 2010


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3 Ireland introduces MiFi

Three Ireland have plans to storm the mobile internet market with their upcoming MiFi  (Mobile Wi-Fi) product.

The MiFi pod will replace your dongle by creating a wireless hotspot which you can connect up to three wirelessly enabled devices to it.

Mobile Wi-Fi combines the functions of a mobile broadband dongle and a battery powered Wi-Fi router into a single device.

This is good news for any Tech users on the road who may want to connect their netbook or iPhone to the net and its especially good news for any iPad users who didn’t want to buy the 3G enabled version. Also with no USB ports the I pad has no compatibility with standard dongles. They can now use this device to connect their iPad to the net anywhere with coverage.

Picture frim http://www.3mobilebuzz.com/wp-content/3MiFi_iPad-from-Ben_Smith_UKs-flickr.jpg

For more information click below

6 Jul 2010

Boyle Musical Society & AIMS

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Trojan Staff AIMS High with the Boyle Musical Society


Congratulations to Adrian King, pictured above with Trojan’s Managing Director Ciaran O’Connor, on his outstanding performance with the Boyle Musical Society at the AIMS awards held in Killarney in June.

The Boyle Musical Society were nominated for a total of six awards for their  recent production of Jesus Christ Superstar at the highlight of the Irish Musical Society calendar, which is often called the ‘Musical Society Oscars’.

The Boyle crew won some of the top awards including Best Male Voice taken home by our own “Superstar” Adrian King, Best Overall Show and Best Show in Gilbert section.

Again congratulations to all involved and best of luck in the future.

The Trojan Crew
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