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Acidy LiveTrace Production Software

Acidy LiveTrace Production Software was designed and built by IT professionals with over 15 years’ experience in the Production Industry. By combining their detailed knowledge of the manufacturing industry, customer and industry regulatory standards and software system demands, Acidy were able to develop a fully integrated software system which meets all the demands of a modern manufacturing facility.

This intelligent system is designed to grow with your business by easily adding work stations and modules as your demands of the software system increase. LiveTrace Production fully integrates with all commercial weighing equipment eliminating the need to buy costly new hardware.

Manage your production processes, stock control and order picking with intelligent traceability and integration using Acidy LiveTrace Production Software.

Key Benefits
  • Automate your Process
    Automate your manufacturing processes with detailed product recipes and quality assurance checks to ensure each batch of produce is standardised. Integrate with your customers’ systems to automate order entry and dispatch paperwork too.
  • Full Traceability
    Using a unique traceable barcode for every ingredient receipted and item produced makes forward trace, backward trace and mass balance reports available at the click of a button
  • Efficient Manufacturing
    Manufacture stock to order with our scheduling module which will automatically queue the necessary product requirement to the appropriate production stations to meet all customer orders for that day.
  • Ease of Use
    Reduce employee training costs with the Recipe Control module, giving each production station a detailed recipe to follow. Enforce scanning and weighing of all ingredients at each production station or automatically pick up ingredients based on custom rules to guarantee products are produced to standard every time.

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