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Protect your Company's Data in the Cloud!

What is backing up in the cloud?

Trojan IT's Cloud backup takes your irreplaceable data from your desktop, laptop or server, encrypts it and sends it to our secure data centre, where it is remains in encrypted format.Data is the lifeblood of your company! Your emails, customer records, documents, invoices – its all data you can’t work without! A data disaster can be crippling for a business, and the cost of downtime can run into thousands of euro.

Using Trojan IT's Cloud to store your data is the absolute safest and easiest way to make sure that you can get your company up and running quickly after any kind of disaster, i.e. fire, theft, data loss etc.

Why back-up?

Imagine if someone stole your laptop in the morning. Could you survive with out your data? How would you get it back? Even if you can patch it back together, how much time and money would you spend doing so? Don't wait to find out your cost of downtime! 

Hassle Free Back-ups

For you we will make it easy. Just give us a call and we can get you setup. Then you can look forward to a trouble free backup. No more tapes or manual intervention. Our automated backup will send an email every day with status details and files that are backed up.

Don't worry

With our online backup solution, your data is encrypted and compressed even before it leaves your computers with military standard encryption. So no need to be worried because you are the only one who can read or use your data.


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