Disaster Recovery Solutions  

Disaster recovery has moved to the cloud, and now you can leverage this solution to ensure that your files are protected and that your operational downtime is kept to a minimum.    

Trojan IT has been a leader in backup and recovery solutions for some time, and now can offer your organisation a solution that will work to protect your business from the lost revenue that typically accompanies a data-loss event.   

At Trojan IT, we have already established ourselves as a reliable managed IT support services vendor.  Part of a comprehensive managed IT services plan is to address an organisation’s business continuity strategy. The more data your organisation has, the more important its protection becomes.   

Leveraging Cloud Solutions 

If you rely on cloud backup, you need to consider Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). 

While our powerful Backup and Disaster Recovery solution duplicates your onsite data.  In the cloud-based model of data redundancy, DRaaS is the only service that adds a degree of backup and recovery fall over.  This means that along with the powerful backup and recovery services that you’d expect from a disaster recovery service, you also get your cloud-based infrastructure, application, and storage restored to a “hot” site while your IT department or managed IT service provider rebuilds your infrastructure. 

Whether your organisation relies on public, private, or hybrid cloud systems, Trojan IT’s DRaaS presents choices on how to deploy your infrastructure, applications, and storage. Typically, these enterprise-level recovery services have come with a hefty price tag, but at Trojan IT our knowledgeable consultants can find a disaster recovery solution that fits your organisation’s demands and fits comfortably within your continuity budget.   

Cut Down on Your Risk 

A comprehensive DRaaS system reduces organisation risk and provides peace of mind. 

Business continuity is a solid risk management practices for any organisation.  By carefully considering what data is essential to sustain the profitability of your organisation, your IT department can get your mission-critical computing resources up and running again fast. If your business relies on hosted computing solutions, you cannot afford to not have a solution in place to protect your business from the perils of data loss, and the cost-latent downtime that is the result of it. 

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