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With a document management system you can capture and organise all of your documents into easy-to-find electronic documents. The paper documents are quickly scanned into the document management system and this gives you the power to tie these documents together.

The documents could then be indexed by department, vendor, purchase order number or any other concept that makes business sense to your organization. Unlike folders in a file cabinet, document management systems store documents in electronic folders that can be indexed by multiple pieces of information. This gives users the ability to search and retrieve documents based upon different criteria.

With a document management system, gone are the days of lost documents because they are all in one secure central electronic repository. Also gone are the days of wasted time because multiple people are retrieving documents from various locations and multiple file cabinets. With a document management system, the documents are immediately retrieved for the person looking for information. This not only makes them more productive for that one task, it shifts the focus from the document retrieval to solving the original issue.

The system is designed to be user friendly, cost effective and maximise productivity in today’s workplace. It is simple to use yet contains the power to cope with all your document management requirements.

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