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Improve and control margins for increased profit:

Very simply this retail pricing software masters processing large amounts of information to generate the basic numbers you need to create strategies so you smart price your products.

By importing information from your current POS system, Margin Master is very quickly able to select the data you want to view, allow you make changes to your pricing and see the effect these proposed changes will have on your bottom line on an annual and month by month basis before committing to the changes.

Organising Pricing

Next Margin Master does what technology does best, it helps organise existing pricing into a formal pricing strategy. After creating the desired pricing strategy rules you want, Margin Master will automatically update these set rules to all future pricing updates.
The Pricing Strategy Manager can accomplish accurate management of pricing in only a few minutes per month.

Quick Summary

Margin Master is a retail pricing tool that has the versatility to:

  • Easily works alongside your POS system
  • Easy to input basic product information, item code, item description, department, product group, cost, retail price and monthly sales amounts.
  • Easily drill down through your inventory towards the item level to determine where in your assortment of products you can go to achieve the best bottom-line profit.
  • Allow easy and fast identification of sales velocity, item price thresholds and items that carry a margin lower than what you consider acceptable.
  • Simply set rules for rounding off prices in ways that maximise your profitability on every item sold without losing sales.
  • Easily allows you to work up ‘what if’ scenarios without committing to the actual change until you want them made.
  • Quickly and easily calculates the annual and month by month euro and percentage impact of ‘what if’ changes in your pricing.
  • Quickly calculates results however you have categorised your inventory.
  • Effectively enables you to set retail price strategies for a variety of different product breakdowns.
  • Saves your retail pricing strategies so you can call them up later without needing to recreate the strategy each time your product mix changes or you get new cost changes.
  • Allows you to see at a glance what your sitting margin is so you can track and protect your profitability.
  • Manage your stock order quantities by viewing sales for each of the last 12 months, how many you have in stock, and your margin on products.
  • View products you hold in stock but have no sales for previous 12 months and see what cost is allocated to this stock.

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