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Automate previously labour intensive warehouse tasks

Mobile stock taking is an efficient and accurate process for managing stock takes

What is Mobile Warehouse?

The Intact ‘Mobile Warehouse Solution’ also allows you to embrace the advances in modern hand held technology to automate previously labour intensive warehouse tasks.  Carry out stock takes, stock adjustments and purchase orders all on the go.

Intact’s mobile warehouse solution is designed to automate the processes of today’s busy warehouses and distribution centres. It embraces advances in modern hand held technology to enable you to automate previously labour intensive warehouse tasks.Mobile stock control within your warehouse can dramatically increase your time efficiency and data accuracy and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Key benefits of Intact’s Mobile Stock Take...

  • It simplifies your stock taking processes
  • Raise productivity and efficiency whilst lowering labour and administration costs
  • Fully integrates with Intact Accounting & Business Management Software
  • Undertake partial stock checks more frequently
  • Identify Opportunities to Increase Margins
  • Lower stock handling costs by putting real-time data in the hands of your warehouse staff
  • Improve stock accuracy and stock holding
  • Easily track items as they are received, stored, picked and shipped
  • Automatically update stock records in real time by connecting handheld devices to your system via WiFi.
  • Gain confidence in your stock counts so you can keep less stock on hand and lower your carrying costs.
  • Reduce errors and bottlenecks by using bar code scanning for accurate data capture to quickly prepare products for staging and shipping.

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