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Powerful, insightful sales analytics software proven to energize and streamline sales.

What is Sales-i business and customer intelligence software?

Sales-i can provide a better understanding of a company’s performance, offering unique insight into customer buying patterns.

In most cases, business and customer intelligence is essential in the strategic sales process of many businesses so that it can successfully discover new opportunities with prospects, and also identifies cross-selling and up-selling opportunities with existing customers.

How does sales-i’s customer intelligence software help you?

Put simply, sales-i reports, analyzes and (more importantly) presents business data in an actionable, efficient format for any business.        

Our intuitive dashboards can provide an instant understanding of company performance at a glance as well as being able to drill down to a granular level of detail in a few clicks, no longer having to sift through rows of data to compare last year’s top selling product line to this.

Sales-i presents valuable information on demand in an actionable format so that business owners, managers and salespeople can be proactive in their duties, rather than simply reacting to a problem or opportunity if it arises.

Sales-i is available across every web enabled mobile device and we are the ONLY customer insight software available on the Apple App Store.

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