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How can I protect my business against cyber attacks in the 21st century?

The security industry has been treating network security, endpoint security, and data security as completely different entities. It’s the equivalent of putting three security guards in your building – one outside the front door, one inside, and one in front of your safe – but not allowing them to talk to each other. Synchronized security hands each of those guards a smartphone so they can coordinate and communicate with each other quickly and efficiently. It’s a simple, but at the same time revolutionary concept.

Sophos, one of the world’s leading cyber security companies, have developed a new, more successful approach to cyber security, delivering better protection, with automated and real-time communication between the network, endpoint security, and encryption solutions giving your peace of mind that your data and business is secure.

This new model of synchronized security allows next-generation endpoint, encryption and network security solutions to continuously share meaningful information about suspicious and confirmed bad behaviour across an entire organisation’s extended IT ecosystem. Leveraging a direct and secure connection called the Sophos Security Heartbeat, endpoint, encryption, and network protection act as one integrated system, enabling organizations to prevent, detect, investigate, and remediate threats in near real-time, without adding any staff.

"Synchronized Security is a new revolutionary approach to cyber security." Sophos

Click here to learn more about how synchronized security can help your business become more secure.

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