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The Power of Managed IT Services: Saving Time and Money for Businesses

Comprehensive IT Support is Just a Phone Call Away

For any business that relies on IT, the relationship employees have with that technology typically determines how productive they can be. If computers fail or they have operational issues with that technology, it can put a major dent in what they can accomplish. As a part of our enterprise-level IT support offering, we provide user access to a comprehensive help desk that can remotely troubleshoot problems with your technology, whether they be technical or operational.


At Trojan IT, we pride ourselves on delivering our clients the best IT support possible.

It goes without saying that computer troubles, whether they are from antiquated or failing technology or user error, can hurt the flow of your business. With a help desk service at your staff’s disposal, they can immediately confront all computer-related issues. Most issues can be solved remotely in minutes, but for those that can’t, the support call facilitates a support structure that will get the issue fixed fast.

Our Help Desk

The strength of our help desk solution is providing robust support. Some of the ways that our help desk makes this possible include:

  • Remote troubleshooting - Our help desk offers access to technicians that can handle many queries remotely. This saves you time and money on your IT support.
  • Ticket creation - When a call is made to the help desk a ticket is created. Whether the technician can resolve the user’s issue or not, the ticket will be matched with the appropriate service level agreement (SLA) and resolved in line with your support agreement.
  • Attentiveness to tickets - With the help desk, any tickets created will be worked on in turn. This keeps support queries being closed preemptively or requests slipping through the cracks.
  • Technical expertise - Our help desk technicians have experience and knowledge about all manners of business technology support, ensuring that, more often than not, support calls are handled immediately and proficiently.
  • Strong knowledge base - Our help desk solution offers a robust self-service knowledge base that can help the members of your organization find the answers to frequently-asked questions and help fix recurring issues without having to make a call.
  • Built-in automation - We use cutting-edge technology to automate aspects of the support process, such as updating ticket progress and issuing daily reports. This helps our team of certified technicians stay on task and makes the whole IT support process more effective.

By outsourcing cybersecurity to professionals, businesses not only benefit from expert-level protection but also save substantial time and money. The cost of implementing comprehensive security measures in-house, including training, software licenses, and ongoing monitoring, can be prohibitive for many organizations. Managed IT Services provide a cost-effective alternative, offering robust security solutions bundled within their service packages.

Learn More About Our Robust Help Desk

We offer help desk support as a standard offering with our comprehensive managed IT services or as a tailored support service. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a comprehensive help desk service, or if you would like to have a conversation with one of our knowledgeable consultants about how to reduce downtime and keep your business’ technology running effectively, give us a call today at 071-966-2552.

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