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Windows 11 is here. What do I need to know?

Microsoft launched Windows 11 this month and have introduced some big changes to the operating system, along with some new features you will also see a new look to the software.

The update started rolling out on 5th October 2023 in a phased approached on eligible devices. Find out if your device is eligible here.

The new Windows upgrade offers a new start menu and cleaner look, the upgrade also provides new updates for Microsoft Team and allows you to use Android apps on your Windows PC.

There are a number of improved security features, customisations and improved app functionality included in the upgrade. Some of the new key features included:  

Windows Security App

The Windows Security app is built into the OS. This easy-to-use app combines commonly used security features, such as, access to virus & threat protection, firewall & network protection, account protection, and more. For more information, see the Windows Security app.

Security baselines 

Security baselines includes security settings that are already configured and ready to be deployed to your devices helping you save time when setting up your device by allowing you to set a security baseline instead of going through all the settings. For more information, see Windows security baselines.

Windows Hello for Business 

Windows Hello for Business replaces passwords and uses a PIN or biometric that stays locally on the device which helps protect your users and their identities. The Windows OS, Azure AD, and Endpoint Manager work together to remove passwords, create more secure policies and help enforce compliance. Windows Hello for Business also works with IR cameras and TPM chips to help protect user identities on your organisation devices.

Windows 365 

Windows 365 is a desktop operating system that's also a cloud service. You can run Windows 365, just like a virtual machine, from another device that is connected to the internet. For more information, see What is Windows 365 Enterprise?.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is automatically available on the taskbar, making it easier to access for users.

Power Automate for desktop 

Windows 11 includes Power Automate for desktop allowing users to create flows with this low-code app to help them with everyday tasks. This helps users to become more productive at work by automating daily tasks such as, creating a flow that saves a message to OneNote, notifying a team when there's a new Form response or getting notified when a file is added to SharePoint and much much more.


Widgets are not new to Windows but they have been improved in the new Windows 11 upgrade. you can now access widgets directly from the Taskbar and personalise them to see whatever you'd like. You can enable/disable this feature using the Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\widgets Group Policy. You can also deploy a customized Taskbar to devices in your organization. For more information, see Customise the Taskbar on Windows 11.

Virtual desktops

Virtual desktops are now available on the Taskbar. You can select the Desktops icon to create a new desktop and use the desktop to open different apps depending on what you're doing. For example, you can create a Travel desktop that includes web sites and apps that are focused on travel.

Microsoft Edge 

Internet Explorer is no longer available in Windows 11. The Microsoft Edge browser is included with the Windows 11 OS and is the default browser. If you need to view a website that needs Internet Explorer, there is a workaround, open Microsoft Edge an enter edge://settings/defaultBrowser in the URL.

When will I get Windows 11?

Windows 11 is now available now and will continue rolling out through mid-2022. The newer your device is, the sooner you're likely to have access to the update. The older your PC is, the longer you'll probably have to wait.

Should I download Windows 11 now?

Before you download the new Windows 11 upgrade make sure to check with your IT providers to guarantee that all your applications will continue to operate as normal with Windows new operating system as sometimes, new operating systems can affect the operation of applications on your device. 

If you are unsure whether to upgrade your device, please contact us to discuss the best plan to plan to follow before upgrading.

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