IT for Accountants 

Trojan ITs offers technology solutions to meet the needs of today’s money managers 

Accountants are some of the most important people associated with a business, even though many of them aren’t employed by that business. Accountants are responsible for the collection, accuracy, analysis, recording, and presentation of a business' financial operation. While it doesn’t take a lot of high tech business solutions to balance a ledger, the use of today’s most dynamic cloud-based financial resources can present many benefits for accountants. 

At face value, accountants use many of the same technologies that your administrative employees use. Various devices, productivity suites, cloud platforms, and security solutions are necessary to properly manage your business' money, and protect it from the inevitable problems caused by today’s near-ubiquitous access to information. At Trojan ITs, we offer a full cache of solutions that can be packaged to improve the efficiency, and security, of your accounting practice. 

Managed Services for Accountants 

We have expert IT professionals on staff who possess the technical expertise to find the right solutions for any of your IT needs. 

At Trojan ITs, we provide value through the dissemination of comprehensive technology support, proactive monitoring and maintenance, and other solutions that aim to help you build a more efficient business. Our expert technicians are not only trained in the industry’s best practices, they also understand the role that data security plays for the modern business. In order to provide County Roscommon businesses the technology support they expect, we leverage some of today’s best management solutions to ensure that your client’s information is protected. 

As of late, accountants have been inundated with new technologies.The modern accountant not only needs a strong foundation in accounting practices, they also need to understand how to work with today’s information technology. At Trojan ITs, our experienced technicians monitor and maintain an accountant's servers to ensure that their infrastructure and network are proactively protected and working optimally. 

Cloud Computing for Accountants 

Trojan ITs delivers cloud-based productivity, security, and communication solutions for accountants. 

As the cloud continues to revolutionize business, accountants have to be mindful of how to properly leverage these exciting new technologies. One consideration that accountants need to make is: do the advantages of using cloud computing platforms, including colocated virtual environments, work for their purposes? The functionality accountants need is here, but it really depends on the expectations their client or clients have; and, if they are subject to outside regulations. 

Some hosted solutions that we have available for accountants include: 

  • Email 
  • Productivity software 
  • Remote Desktop 
  • Secure File Sharing 
  • Virtualization 
  • Enterprise Resource Planning 
  • Supply Chain Management 

...and more! 

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