Trojan IT provides technologies built for the modern retail business.   

With our strong understanding of our clients’ needs we can help you design, procure, install, and maintain a computing infrastructure that can meet every one of your organisation’s needs. Since today’s consumer is much better-informed today than in the past, understanding how to best leverage your technology budget is crucial to the sustained health of your business. 

Ease of use defines Trojan IT's accounting software solution. 

The moment of truth for any retailer is when the customer pays for their goods. Successful commerce depends on a fast, secure, and reliable point of sale system but integrating this system with your back of house accounts can be slow and costly.   

At Trojan IT, we can help you get real-time sales data direct from your POS system to your accounting software.  Thrive Accounting Software is a cloud-based system which integrates with your POS system and feeds data back to your accounts department for reporting purposes.   

Working in the Cloud 

Most of today’s retail companies have to maintain themselves on two fronts, in the shop building and online.  The “brick” and “click” aspects of your business have to support each other and with Thrive you can easily feed data from your online store back to your accounts department for ease of monitoring.     

With cloud computing, all of your employees can have access to the software they need to get their jobs done and at Trojan IT, we can provide dedicated software consultants to help you plan and implement your accounts software solution.  To learn more about how we can benefit your retail business, go to Thrive.

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