Thrive Accounting Software
Thrive Accounting Software
Thrive offers you the freedom to work from anywhere with a cloud accounting system which works seamlessly from any mobile device, all you need is internet!

Thrive Accounting Software is a cloud-based software system which incorporates the benefits of an ERP system with cloud technology. The product is specifically designed with enhanced user experience in mind. The reduced administration cost brought about by the product cannot be underestimated. 

Thrive Accounting Software the best of its kind in the market as it comfortably beats the competition in its usage, ease of accessibility and functionality.  

Invoicing Made Easy

Quickly create invoices within Thrive Accounting Software for one-time or recurring charges. Using the Microsoft Office 365 Integration, you can easily send all invoices in bulk or to individual customers. Eliminating the need for expensively printed letterhead paper. 

Integrated Payroll

Integrate with your Thesaurus Payroll system seamlessly and eliminate the need for exporting and importing of files between various systems.

Intelligent Project and Job Costing

Monitor the profitability of a job or project on a continuous basis with a unified job costing module. Reap the benefit of having integrated timesheets, which can be completed on any mobile device, giving you accurate figures in real-time.

Multi-Currency Management

With an automated system for managing multiple currencies, you can easily produce reports in a number of currency formats to suit your needs. Thrive Accounting Software uses the latest currency exchange rate when producing reports.

Real-Time Bank Account Integration

Thrive Accounting Software Integrates with your bank account for improved efficiencies when reconciling accounts.

With Thrive Accounting Software, you can quickly view consolidated accounts for multi-currency and multi-location in once place, allowing you to close-off your monthly accounts effortlessly with accurate data.   

Advanced Stock Control

Full traceability on all stock, with an intelligent ‘Size-Colour’ feature ideal for clothing, tiling, timber, and so much more. The advanced inventory management gives your business clear control of all inventory. 

RCT Integration and VAT Management

Easily manage your VAT return with Thrive Accounting Software, reconcile your payment before submitting your return online, ensuring you only pay what you owe. 

Customer Relationship Management

Ensuring your customers’ satisfaction is a vital part of any business, with a CRM system built directly into Thrive Accounting Software, you can now keep track of all your customers’ data in one place ensuring everyone is kept up to date with relevant client information.

Your Data is Protected

Relax, knowing that your data is backed up remotely and secured with the most advanced cybersecurity intelligence.

Third-party Integration

Trojan IT can integrate Thrive Accounting Software with any third-party software required. Our team of experienced software developers will work with you to ensure a full design brief is created for any custom development. 

No Limits

Access your data at anytime, from anywhere with no limits.

eInvoicing is the transfer of invoice data from supplier to buyer in a structured electronic format. In the EU companies follow the PEPPOL structure to allow for automated data entry. The aim of einvoicing is to reduce the number of human steps involved in issuing, processing and paying an invoice.
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