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Top 5 Business Benefits of Azure Infrastructure Modernisation

The modern workforce has become increasingly digitally empowered in recent years. Embracing the potential of the Cloud is now a necessity for every growth-driven, forward-thinking business. Azure, Microsoft’s answer to the public Cloud, has the advanced capabilities and near-infinite functionality to drive success, making it the perfect platform for businesses looking to modernise their infrastructure.

With many Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) products and services available in crucial categories, such as computing, networking, security and storage, Azure allows you to build new, optimised infrastructure solutions that will support and benefit your business.

What are the benefits of Azure infrastructure modernisation?

Azure infrastructure modernisation has a range of benefits for any business looking to adapt seamlessly to the new working environment we are currently operating in.

Empower remote workers

Azure IaaS supports the deployment of virtual desktops, like Azure Virtual Desktop. This allows your employees to securely access business-critical software, data, applications and other resources from any location – so long as they are connected to the Internet. The capability to work from anywhere now underpins the modern digital workplace, so the flexibility offered by Azure infrastructure modernisation is a huge benefit.

Maximise cost-efficiency

Azure IaaS is a cost-effective investment as the infrastructure resources are completely provisioned by Azure. Azure infrastructure modernisation removes the need for on-premises data centres, physical servers or hardware. Additionally, Azure IaaS supports hybrid and multi-Cloud deployments, helping you to maximise your previous investments.

Increase business agility

Azure IaaS enables companies to scale resources, applications and workloads up or down on demand and operates using pay-as-you-go pricing. This means that your business can account for peaks in demand seamlessly, and scale resources back down without losing money if demand later begins to subside. This agility gives your organisation a competitive edge.

Strengthen security and disaster recovery

Microsoft provides multi-layered security across physical data centres, infrastructure and operations in Azure. Microsoft has a team of more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts who continually work to safeguard assets and data in the Azure environment.

As Azure has built-in security controls and services across identity, data, networking and applications, you can provide your workloads with efficient, robust protection. Plus, Azure makes it easier to identify new threats and respond quickly, leveraging industry-leading threat intelligence to protect your applications and data. Microsoft use real-time actionable insights, developed by analysing a vast array of sources including 18 billion Bing web pages, 400 billion emails, 1 billion Windows device updates, and 450 billion monthly authentications, to inform Azure services and speed up the threat detection process.

Achieve faster time-to-market

Azure Compute facilitates the instant provision of infrastructure resources, so you can develop, test and deliver new applications more efficiently. Azure App Service provides you with a fully managed platform from which you can quickly create Cloud apps for web and mobile, while Azure Cloud Services allow you to create and deploy highly available and infinitely scalable Cloud applications and APIs in minutes.

Embracing Azure

Is your business in need of transformation? Are you looking to become more Cloud-capable? Are you ready to start experiencing the benefits that come with Azure Cloud modernisation? It’s time to migrate to Azure.

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