How continuously monitoring your Cyber Security is key to keeping your business safe

Cyber security is the stronghold of your business’s safety. The landscape of cyber threats is constantly evolving, making continuous monitoring not just a precaution, but a necessity. Here’s why it’s critical for your cyber security strategy.


Continuous monitoring acts as the vigilant sentinel for your network, identifying threats that could otherwise go unnoticed. Without it, your business could face severe compromises:


  1. Undetected Intrusions: Without regular monitoring, breaches can occur and remain undiscovered, giving cybercriminals ample time to inflict damage.
  2. Emerging Vulnerabilities: New vulnerabilities can emerge at any time. Continuous monitoring ensures these are spotted and addressed before they are exploited.
  3. Insider Threats: It’s not just external actors that pose a risk; employees can accidentally or maliciously compromise security. Continuous monitoring helps identify such internal threats.

To maintain a robust defence, here are three steps you can take to monitor your cyber security:


  1. Implement Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Systems: These systems provide real-time analysis of security alerts generated by network hardware and applications.
  2. Regularly Conduct Vulnerability Assessments: Regular scans of your network will reveal potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.
  3. Adopt Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services: An MDR service provides a team of security experts that leverage advanced technologies to monitor, detect, and respond to threats round the clock.

Remember, the cost of continuous monitoring pales in comparison to the potential losses from a cyber-attack. It's an investment in your business's resilience and a commitment to the trust your customers place in you.

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