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Your Introduction to Overcoming Azure Migration Challenges

The rise of remote and hybrid working models has dramatically changed the way modern businesses operate. The Cloud has become a powerful enabler for the digital workplace, facilitating more flexible and agile work. As one of the most capable public Cloud platforms on the market, migrating to Microsoft Azure brings significant benefits for businesses, including impressive scalability, enhanced security, simplified management and monitoring and optimised costs.

However, without the right support, Azure migration can present significant challenges for individual users and businesses as a whole. As you begin to prepare for your Azure migration, you need to be aware of these potential roadblocks and create a strategy for how to overcome or avoid them.

Top 5 Azure Migration Challenges

So, what are the Azure migration challenges facing businesses looking to enter the Cloud? There are five key considerations you should keep front of mind when transitioning to your new Azure environment.


It should come as no surprise that your Azure migration requires careful planning, whether you are moving individual workloads to the Cloud or undergoing a large-scale migration. To ensure a successful migration, you should first create a clearly defined and detailed strategy, seeking input from key players within your organisation including business, technical and leadership stakeholders.


Avoiding downtime is one of the primary Azure migration challenges. While migrating huge troves of data at once is possible, and perhaps more efficient, it requires careful planning and implementation in order to minimise downtime. Using an iterative approach and migrating data in waves helps to ensure migration is manageable and optimal uptime is maintained.

Security and Compliance

Azure has a wide range of security services built-in, including real-time threat intelligence, meaning that once migration is complete you will be operating within an extremely secure environment. However, throughout the migration process it is your responsibility to ensure that your transition is secure and in line with compliance requirements. You need to build the implementation of security and compliance offerings into your migration.


A key Azure migration challenge is upskilling your staff to be prepared for the transition to the Cloud. In order to ensure that your migration is seamless and pain-free, you may need to invest in some additional skills training for your team. Carrying out Cloud skill-building upfront will ensure that your organisation has a successful migration and is primed to thrive in your new Azure environment.

Migration Partner Selection

It can be extremely challenging to plan and implement your Azure migration in-house, particularly if your internal team lacks Cloud knowledge. The right migration partner will have the experience and expertise to guide you through the migration process and help you avoid any negative operational consequences.

Overcome Azure Migration Challenges with Trojan

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